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TOYOTA FORTUNER 2.5/3.0 D4D AN50/160 128-Protection 4RUNNER Rear differential. 4RUNNER Series (NOTICE N.6)

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4RUNNER Protection Rear differential. 4RUNNER Series (NOTICE N.6)

Code PDT12DIF8
Categories Toyota 4Runner N120, Toyota 4Runner N210 2002-08, Toyota 4Runner N280 v6, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner AN150 2015 >, Toyota Fortuner AN50 2004-2014, Toyota GDJ 180, Toyota GDJ 185, Toyota Hilux Revo, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota KDJ 120, Toyota KDJ 125, Toyota KDJ 150, Toyota KDJ 155, Toyota KZJ/KDJ 90, Toyota KZJ/KDJ 95, Toyota Tacoma N300, Toyota Tundra XK50
Rear differential protection for the following Toyota models:

Toyota KZJ-KDJ 90/95 1996-2002;
Toyota KDJ 120/125 2002-2009;
Toyota KDJ 150/155 2009-Present;
Toyota GDJ 180/185 2019-Present;
Toyota Hilux D4D Vigo 2005-2016;
Toyota Hilux D4D Revo 2016>;
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006-2016;
Toyota 4Runner N120/N130 1990-1995;
Toyota 4Runner N210 2002-2008;
Toyota 4Runner N280 4.0 V6 2008-Present;
Toyota Fortuner 2.5/3.0 D4D AN50/160;
Toyota Tacoma N300 2016>;
Toyota Tundra XK50 2007>.

For its installation TIG welding points are required, to weld the support to the differential.

Protection remarks: Duralumin AW5083 H111 and 8mm certified.
Weight 4.5kg
Heavy load 8mm